Six Superfoods That Might Help Boost Your Brain Power

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy for your brain to get overstimulated, overwhelmed and overworked. If you need a bit of a brain boost, finding help may be as easy as making a trip to the supermarket. Recent studies have shown that eating certain superfoods have brain benefits like helping with memory, energy, and concentration. Here is a closer look at six superfoods that may help boost your brain power.

  1. Walnuts: Lots of nuts are healthy, but walnuts pack a special punch of energy thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids that they contain. In fact, they contain more of these fatty acids than any other nut. These essential fatty acids protect brain cells and help neurotransmitters function more effectively which can help with impaired cognition and memory. They also contain healing B6 vitamins and magnesium and fight inflammation and improve blood flow in the brain.
  2. Dark Chocolate: This sweet treat is more than an absolutely delicious dessert or snack. Dark chocolate is jam-packed with antioxidants which help with mental acuity and other functions that help protect the systems in your body. Dark chocolate also helps improve concentration and blood flow, so add a little of this sweet stuff to your daily dessert menu.
  3. Coffee: One of the mornings best companions and one of the most popular caffeinated drinks, coffee has been shown to improve mental clarity and its rich antioxidants help maintain good brain health. Some research even suggests that it may help treat depression, but the science is still not solid on this point yet. 
  4. Avocados: This creamy and delicious green fruit (that many mistake for a vegetable) is one of the healthiest fruits on the planet thanks to its high level of monounsaturated fats. With monounsaturated fat levels similar to those found in the olive, avocadoes help improve blood flow not only to the brain but to all of the vessels in the body while also helping to lower bad cholesterol levels.
  5. Lentils: These tasty seeds can be added to a soup, salad, or chili to make for a delicious, healthy addition to your meal. This legume is loaded with folate, a particular B vitamin that helps improve brain power. They also lower levels of amino acids that can impair brain functioning, so load up on some healthy lentils.
  6. Olive oil: Healthy not only for dietary purposes, olive oil is also a superfood that can give you super brain power. It’s a great source of monounsaturated fats, like the avocado, and has been proven to actually slow brain aging. It’s anti-inflammatory properties can help combat brain fog, memory loss, and other conditions that are a result of chronic inflammation. Olive oil is also part of the Mediterranean diet which is widely considered one of the most healthy diets in the world.

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