The Easy Choice: Holistic Care Lowers Costs and Pain

Quality medical care is increasingly difficult to find and expensive to obtain. Because of this problem, many people have started to seek out other methods and sources of medical information in order to care for themselves and those they love. Holistic medicine has modern implications, but, though its popularity is on the rise, it’s hardly a new trend. Even as far back as the 1970s and prior, holistic health has been challenging the status quo of the medical field.

Lower Costs

One motivating factor that drives people to seek out alternative or holistic care is the fact that it’s much cheaper than traditional medical services. Holistic health is a business, to be sure, but it’s not regulated by government, legislated to the hilt, and subject to the same standards as many medical procedures are. Furthermore, the profit margin on, say, a prescription for an antibiotic is much higher than the profit margin on a natural antibiotic. With a single ER visit, patients could tally up a bill in the tens of thousands of dollars. It’s no wonder, then, that spending a hundred dollars or so on a holistic practitioner and a few more dollars on a natural remedy is so appealing.

Lower Pain

Holistic care is often mocked by the mainstream medical community. However, many wonder if the reason for that mockery isn’t fear. After all, if holistic medicine works, it poses a great challenge and threat to special interest groups and Big Pharma. Whole body healing is a major focus of holistic ideology, and it’s something the medical community doesn’t always excel at. Holistic medicine is wonderful at reducing pain, inflammation, and stress, and its focus on healing the actual cause of the problem instead of putting a prescription bandage over the symptom makes it effective.

It’s easy to see why so many people are turning to holistic health remedies. Not only is the current economic climate motivating patients to seek out less expensive treatments, the effectiveness of holistic treatments is more widely accepted. Society is becoming more and more tolerant of alternative viewpoints, making holistic treatment options seem less scary and easier to embrace. While Big Pharma and the medical industry inflates prices and legislates their way to high profit margins and overpriced insurance, people are finding that the simple, effective, and inexpensive methods of holistic medicine are more than worth a second look.