Probiotics Emerge as an Effective Cure Against ADHD

Both Western and Eastern medical practices have been teaching that your gut (Gastrointestinal Tract or GI) is essentially your second brain. “The Second Brain” published by Michael D. Gershone in October of 1998 provides substantial evidence that gut care is imperative in keeping humans healthy. Probiotics are a nutritional supplement that help keep the gut’s bacteria in balance, which in turn helps the human body to function properly.

Bad Bacteria in the GI Tract

According to children with ADHD tend to have GI disturbances. In other words, the GI tract is not functioning as it should in a normal child. One of his studies finds that children who have lower levels of the good bacteria, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, have a higher level of bad bacteria that produces toxins. While on treatment with antibiotics, which eliminated the bad bacteria, ADHD behavior improved. This study indicates that probiotics, which also sufficiently decrease bad gut bacteria, may improve the behavior of children with ADHD.

Good Bacteria in The GI Tract also states the fact that individuals with ADHD often have higher amounts of bad bacteria in their gut as well as very little good bacteria. Higher amounts of bad bacteria allow the leakage of toxins that contribute to conditions like ADHD. Higher amounts of good bacteria, provided by probiotics, can lead to a decrease in ADHD symptoms.

Food Allergies and ADHD

According to, many researchers believe that food allergies impact ADHD. While research has demonstrated that the behavior problems associated with ADHD can be reduced on a restricted diet, doctors recommend against doing this. Regular use of probiotics, however, have been shown effective in combating food allergies. One can easily make the conclusion that combating food allergies with probiotics will also lead to improved behavior for individuals with ADHD. As the probiotics remove the effects of the food allergies, the effects of food allergies on ADHD will be mitigated.

One Thing For Certain

Nutrition plays a powerful role in preventing diseases and treating all types of conditions. Keeping the gut’s bacteria in healthy balance will go a long way to ensure better health and reduced symptoms of ADHD. Probiotics are relatively side effect free, nutritional supplements that are affordable and readily available. They can be combined with nearly every treatment plan. As you see the benefits of taking probiotics, you can begin to reduce ADHD medication with your Physician’s Guidance.